Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Handbag, Your Self - Brand Me?

Business Week's Your Handbag Your Self article really got me thinking about something I kind of was thinking about each time hit the road, be it a day trip, a local trip, a city trip, a travel trip, etc.  While not directly Brand Me - it does seem yet another Brand Me thing.  Clothes makes the man, right?  In the article (I have a slightly different take) does the handbag define the lady or is the lady's self unveiled by her choice of handbag?  Brand Me, Brand You is everywhere even if an unintended giveaway.  What is it about when I select the bag or case I use for the days when I am just carrying my iPad and phone(s) and other miscellaneous items vs the days I am lugging my Macbook, etc. requiring my Wenger SwissGear backpack?  I know when I go the lightest route with my SeV Travel Vest, I feel like a total tech geek (backed up by my kids keeping their distance) but I am kind of hiding it.  When I choose to go TUMI Tech, am I more classy than geek - even when it looks more like a man bag than say using my Wenger Premier Pro-Folio (another SwissGear item)?  What am I saying about me?  I think I know how the choice makes me feel - SwissGear - utilitarian.  Leather - business like. TUMI - high end?  In the days before I was hit by the SUV and choice did not effect the durability of my back for the course of the trip - it was always some sort of back pack even though not always the most convenient.  But today back considerations included, should I really have all of these bags?  Is my choice more of a mood ring then a definition of self, even for just the day?

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