Friday, September 4, 2009

Starbucks Gets It, Five Guys Hamburgers Gets It, Do You?

Friends and I have discussed how we have lowered our expectations for great or even good customer service to keep from being disappointed by all but the best of the best organizations. And when you do get it, most of the time you are relieved and yet take it for granted. But when you are on the receiving side of great customer service, it is not accidental.

Starbucks Gets It. Today when I picked up my Mocha Lite Frappuccino, one girl took the order, one girl rang me up on a hand-off and by the time I got to the pickup counter it was there! Wow, and "thank you very much" I said!

Today reminded my of how "Five Guys Hamburgers" gets it too and they let you know they get it. This was displayed by the counter when you order your food and again where you pick it up and again on the face panel of the soda machine where you self serve your drink.

I think their in your face reminder could be helpful for any of us as we go about providing customer service as part of our jobs. And lets face it, we all provide customer service, whether to internal or external customers, we are in and out of customer service opportunities all day long. Perhaps if we all keep this in mind, over time we can go into these situations with higher expectations and still keep from being disappointed.


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