Thursday, September 16, 2010

interesting iPad usage stats, consistent with my own experience

There are some interesting stats in the attached article on iPad use - not very promising as the future of mobile computing.  My own experience is consistent with use as a media device and for reading the paper and magazines.

I watch movies and TV shows when I am on a train or plane, on the treadmill, working out, etc.  This is probably my number one use for the device.  The iPad is clearly a better iPod than the iPod.

I also use if for some web browsing but this is difficult since sites with flash are a problem.  Apple's claim that they provide access to the whole internet is not remotely true.  Too many sites use flash, not just for video, but for menus, etc.  It is far too frustrating an experience to get hung up by this missing functionality.

I use the WSJ app a few times a week, when it is not as easy to read the actual paper.  I love the quality of this app.  I also love that they integrated the iPad app with the website so that articles saved on either go into the shared folders you have in your online account.

Magazines are also very readable on this device, more so then on the Kindle.  This is because you can scale the pdf's on the iPad and can not on the Kindle, color is also a key differentiator here.  The problem here is that unlike the functionality of cycling TV shows to and from the device as you finish them, many of the readers do not have this functionality so this is less then a smooth experience to manage.  Of the various apps for magazine, I like Good Reader the most.

I find book reading to be cumbersome on the iPad, reading on the Kindle is a far better experience.  The iPad weighs twice as much and the glare of the screen bothers my eyes over time.  Since I tend to sit down and read for a few hours at a time, this is a real issue.  It is also unreadable in the sun which is not an issue for the Kindle.

Here is the article with the stats:

Here is a link to the Amazon Kindle Ad:


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