Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good place to start would be an intro to Android

I figured a good start would be some background for people that know little or nothing about the Android phones at this point.  There seem to be lots of guy oriented commercials (with a techno angle) from either the manufacturer of a particular model or the carrier but not a lot of specifics other than there is a world of apps ie: the rotating globe of the market place.

Yahoo News' Gadget Hound did a pretty good job on the Android basics at the link below. So instead of reinventing, I will provide a link to their fine work on the basics.  My goal was to highlight usability and differences based on what I encounter in my use of the Apple 3GS and 4 (on the iPhone side) and htc Incredible (on the Android side).  Perhaps I'll even touch on a few iPad items as well.  That said, when there are other resources or tidbits I catch in my daily reading and browsing I'll post links as well.

Bullets 4 and 5 do a pretty good job on the Why or Why Not for an Android phone vs iPhone and I will go into more specifics on this over my next couple of posts.

Yahoo News - The Gadget Hound For Android newbies: 10 questions, answered

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