Sunday, August 15, 2010

In an age of buy buy buy, is there a future in reuse, recycle for that which is otherwise lost?

In last Sunday's NY Times Magazine (didn't get to this week's yet), the back page article brought back some memories for me, both good and sad. The good were in line with the dispose, find it, take it and reuse it thoughts of the author. What our parents "recycled' from someone else when we were kids, be it from curbside, an old style flea market, the dump - one person's garbage or even just what didn't work for them anymore, could fill a need for another and/or even become a treasure (perhaps with a little work). When we were teenagers and young adults going out on our own, every possible "gift" was well appreciated whether it fit in with the decor or not and many items, especially in the furniture category made it's rounds, many times even among friends. There was a nostalgic feeling each time you visited a friend and sat on your old couch to watch tv way past the time it was useful or the center piece of perhaps your own apartment or house, living room, tv room, etc. I still miss a particular recliner and especially one glide rocking chair that were my favorites, perhaps currently somewhere at my sister's house or beyond.

A Discarded Chair Finds Its Way Home Again

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  1. I agree with you and I do remember how great that rocking chair was. Sitting in it in the middle of the night, bonding with my babies and knowing that this piece of furniture came from another family member made it a very sentimental piece. Where it is now is beyond me, I believe I gave it back when we were through with it. Wherever it is, if it could speak I am sure it would have many stories to tell. I will admit that when I moved into my own apartment at 22, most of my furniture came from other people. It was much appreciated and when I was done with it, if I was able to hand it down, I did. And I do still have on pink recliner...purchased for $125 and still reclining after all these years!!! Thanks!