Sunday, August 8, 2010

Intro - iPhone 4 v htc Incredible

Ok, so it has been about a month since I upgraded my 3GS to an iPhone 4 and a little less than that for my entrée into the Android world with the htc Incredible. This blog is not intended to bash one platform or the another or even one phone or the other or for me to actually pick a winner. As a company executive with experience in small, US public and global public companies with a software developer background,, my goal is more to note and perhaps explore the differences from a slightly different angle than just a cell phone or smart phone user without similar experience would otherwise. My hope is that this will inform others and create and engaging dialog that will either lead to improvements or further evolution of the platforms whether from the platform developers themselves or independent developers looking to make a living, perhaps one app, a million users at a time. With the opening up of the cell phone as a development platform it is an exciting time for both cell phone users and developers alike. This is a new frontier for innovation with only the smallest possible capabilities yet explored. It is an exciting time in mobile computing with so much at stake for all the players as they fight it out for market share and platform presence. Blackberry, Microsoft, Apple iOS, Google Android, Perhaps even Snac will help us to utilize and evolve threes tools in ways previously never envisioned and even today not entirely foreseen. Let's see where this takes us.


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