Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good news, bad news on Medication Adherence

Good news and bad news here.  As I see it, at least here in the US, too many plans are not implementing reimbursement strategies for pharmacists to play their necessary role in driving adherence.  Perhaps this reality is perception issue is part of why pharmacists are leaving so much money on the table by not being setup to bill for these services with those plans that do.

HIN's third annual Improving Medication Adherence e-survey conducted in January 2013 captured how more than 100 healthcare organizations are improving medication adherence and compliance in the populations they serve. According to survey respondents, beyond the 58 percent not currently reimbursing, the top pharmacist-incented tasks in medication adherence programs are:
  • Not currently reimbursing: 58.3 percent
  • Medication reconciliation: 16.7 percent
  • Resolving drug therapy problems: 16.7 percent
  • Improving medication adherence: 13.9 percent
  • Other: 13.9 percent
  • Patient education: 11.1 percent

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