Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disrupting the Business Meeting as Usual

Disrupting the Business Meeting as Usual

Caught this the other day when scanning an article about disrupting business meetings as usual. Makes total sense and I know I have been guilty of some part of this a few times as well as suffering through others doing the same:

First Meeting

"PowerPoint slides with long lists of what you’re talking about should be banned. They are used as a prop by the speaker - if they need reminding of what they’re speaking about they can have it on a laptop in front of them. There a few thing worse than watching someone talk through a long list of PowerPoints." 

I've always liked to believe a few short bullets on a slide to guide the meeting participants and/or an audience through the presentation is a good idea, but in thinking about this further, if it's just a meeting, it is more about you as the speaker than the others participating.  Working from your own slides (without presenting them) or a set of notes personalizes and makes it more conversational which makes for a better meeting.  If on the other hand, the slides would make for good note taking, then keep each slide to less than 4 bullets and send it out before the meeting. Let participants figure out what to do with them that better fits their work style.  The other positive benefit of doing this gives meeting participants an idea of what the meeting's going to be about and may even better prepare them for the meeting. 

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