Sunday, December 4, 2011

Re: Is Print Marketing Still Viable?

Great article from Inside Scooper, Is Print Marketing Still Viable? But while I love the feel of books, especially the older ones, evoking history through olfactory response and visions of the stacks back in college, for most reading, I have made the transition to the Kindle, especially when traveling. It is so much easier to carry then the typical 3 books on any given trip. That said, newspapers in electronic format has been a tougher transition. While I can read Business Week, the WSJ and NY Times on my iPad, I rarely do; I prefer paging through to home in on particular articles that the print format provides and find that I use the electronic versions more for link sources on articles, tweets or blogs. On marketing electronically vs print, I believe as does the author that it has it's place, partially because it is a channel in a multi-channel strategy and partially because today at least, I still believe print is a more sticky medium. Additionally, other than with tools like Evernote (which is good but not perfect due to issues capturing various content formats), we do not have the tools or methods to manage or hold on to our selected content for later review, like we do when we file and/or manage print.

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