Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips For Twitter Use, Don't Get Hung Up On Follow Backs

Jacky Tan's Dec 19th blog 9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way has some great tips for growing your or your brand's presence and engagement on twitter.  I agree with all of his points except for the importance he places on Follow Backs.  Some people follow different 'channels', some for business, some for research, some are even just casual follows. If someone doesn't follow you back, so what? It does not mean they won't engage and perhaps they will follow you at a later time.  Some people use lists instead of following back, some track even those that don't follow via 'Did Not Follow Me' lists.
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There is no specific rule on following, we all work the way we work and no one should be offended by someone's engagement style.


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